Hurry up and go to Pomona’s “Curry Up”

In Pomona, CA tucked away in a strip mall lies a take out Indian Halal restaurant called Curry Up. In the front are various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes laid out, which include Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, Daal, among other Indian delicacies popular among Westerners and Indians alike. Although their menu is less extensive than other sit down Indian restaurants, the best part of this restaurant is that you get good food in decent quantity for a great price. My 2 item combo, consisting of a vegetable and chicken coconut, along with one naan and rice cost only around $8.50. The food tasted quite authentic, was not swimming in oil or cream, and filled me up well for the night. So if you’re on a tight financial budget but still crave some authentic Indian food, hurry up and go to Curry Up!

Published by nikhilb01

Hello there! I am Nikhil, a 27 year old graduate from the University of Southern California, fight on! Since childhood I have always had a passion for exploring new places locally, and internationally, combined with a love of good food. My blog will consist of new places I have visited and restaurants I have eaten in, to encourage my fellow readers to enjoy the same adventure as I did!

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