West LA’s Halal Desi Gem

On 2406 South Barrington in West LA is a small Indian, Pakistani restaurant called “Chutney’s.” Many of you might associate the name “Chutney’s” with snack food such as Samosas and Pakoras, but at this place, some quality Desi main entrees are prepared. The hospitable and friendly owner, who hails from Lahore, will truly make you feel at home, as she makes sure you are comfortable and satisfied. Typical of most Pakistani restaurants, the meat dishes should be the customer’s priority, but vegetarians will also leave very pleased. My dinner was comprised of diverse dishes, ranging from dry meat to a meat curry and a vegetarian dish, all of which were very good. For those who want to avoid something oily, the beef seekh kabob and chicken tandoori were excellent and filled with flavorful spices. Undeniably one of the best seekh kabobs I have ever had! Also, the Nihari, a beef curry dish, popular among Indian Muslims and Pakistanis was very good. Nihari is commonly regarded as the national dish of Pakistan, which in fact originated in Delhi and Lucknow, today in modern day India, prior to the 1947 partition in which many chefs moved to Pakistan, hence introducing their flavorful recipes to their newly founded homeland. And of course, a standard of mine at any Desi restaurant is of course, garlic naan! Pakistani restaurants make the best naan, thick and mouthwatering, and it goes great with Nihari. So now, if you are anywhere in West LA, or after a long day at Santa Monica Pier or Venice Boardwalk, you know just where to go to satisfy your cravings, Chutney’s!!

Published by nikhilb01

Hello there! I am Nikhil, a 27 year old graduate from the University of Southern California, fight on! Since childhood I have always had a passion for exploring new places locally, and internationally, combined with a love of good food. My blog will consist of new places I have visited and restaurants I have eaten in, to encourage my fellow readers to enjoy the same adventure as I did!

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